Our Social Obligations Pledge To America

Meeting and surpassing customer expectations in the areas of quality, efficiency, and transparency are qualities that we hold dear. However, we are also painfully aware of racial prejudice and economic sufferings that have characterized the lives of marginalized groups and communities of the United States.


Our awareness is shaped by the many socio-economic struggles and the many injustices that Latinx people face in America today. It is within this context that we have created the framework for our social responsibility efforts. It is our obligation as a minority-owned business that uses a collective model as its business model to support causes that uplift and transform Hispanic & Latinx communities of the U.S. We also believe in supporting communities of color and supporting the efforts of the dominant majority wherever it leans in to help these communities rise above their circumstances.


We serve many independent reputable social foundations & social institutions. We donate a percentage of our profits to a handful of foundations that seek to make this a better world. Through the efforts of these foundations and institutions, we will fight to create a more equitable world. Together, with our partners, we are fighting the many social injustices facing disenfranchised groups & communities in America today. Our causes are well articulated to elevate other disadvantaged communities and encompass the many social ills that the U.S. faces today.


We support the following institutions & foundations:



-Voto Latino





-Independent Media

-Democracy Now

-The Heritage Foundation

-World Central Kitchen

-Food For The Poor 

-Fair Girls

-Water Charities

-New Orleans Mission


La Bodega 


Joaquin Farinas 


Founding Member