Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a memorable shopping experience and to create a family of happy customers. We are devoted to the principles of good service. We aspire to a much greater purpose than self with a mandate of transforming communities and repairing the societal degradations caused by exploitative elites. We aim to be an agent of positive social change, not social parasites. We are motivated to deliver premium services while maintaining honesty and credibility. Our mission is to make La Bodega Market the most trusted brand from all the options out there. To achieve this, we are constantly driven to deliver excellent service and great products with an altruistic responsibility of creating a more equitable world. We seek to help heal where people are hurting & to uplift where people are depressed while positioning La Bodega Market as a beacon of tolerance and excellence in business. We deliver our operations with the mission of welcoming every customer to our family.

About Us

We are a socially conscious food & provisions outlet store with an unwavering passion for excellent service. We offer a robust variety of handpicked high-quality food items and personal products through our dedicated network of vendors, associates, & partners to meet the daily needs of our diverse customers. We understand that convenience and accessibility to quality food products can strengthen families and communities. Through our dynamic staff and innovative leadership, we seek to transform the online grocery shopping landscape in a way that offers an expedient, affordable, and qualitative experience to the everyday shopper. In an industry fraught with dishonesty, we are driven to right the wrong by providing credible and reliable service that every customer will come to know and love. With profound respect and inclusivity, La Bodega invites every race, gender, color, and creed to an unending fiesta!

From Our Founder

"We are passionate about the satisfaction of our customers. More importantly, we want to be seen as a socially responsible company that embraces universal human values. Customers desire a company that is transparent, efficient, and alive to various social issues. At La Bodega Market we hold all our customers in the highest esteem. This is evident in every aspect of our operations; it is ingrained in our mission statement & core values and palpable in our social responsibility efforts."
Joaquin Farinas

Our Community

Our community comprises our vendors, associates, employees, and our most esteemed customers. They are our most trusted allies and the backbone of our sustainable operations. Helping our vendors understand the full scope of our vision and goals has always been our top priority. We appreciate the overwhelming importance of their contributions to our efficient and responsible operations. Through our dedicated network of growing vendors, we are aptly positioned to deliver top quality products while fulfilling our dearest values and virtues. It is nearly impossible to have satisfied customers without reliable vendors, this is why we prioritize our relationship. It is our wish that we continue to explore innovative ways to meet the needs of our end consumers while accomplishing great strides together.

Our Employees

This store is dedicated in memory of my late father Joaquin P. Farinas, my mother Nora I. Farinas, & my late brother Edward M. Farinas. These three people are the hardest working people I have ever known. They set an exceptional standard that can only be defined by devotion and tenacious commitment. Our employees are the soul of our operations and a vivid reflection of our values and virtues. A racially diverse workforce with a commitment to quality service is a recipe for greatness. With integrity and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we will redefine the way grocery shopping is done in the 21st century.

Provisions and Collections

Our store will open in 2022. The best way to experience our store in the meantime is to browse through our wide selection of goods & products Please make sure to regularly check in on us to see what we’re up to, thanks for visiting.

Head Office


Social Obligations

Meeting and surpassing customer expectations in the areas of quality, efficiency, and transparency are qualities that we hold dear. However, we are also painfully aware of racial prejudice and economic sufferings that have characterized the lives of marginalized groups and communities of the United States.


Our awareness is shaped by the many socio-economic struggles and the many injustices that Latinx people face in America today. It is within this context that we have created the framework for our social responsibility efforts. It is our obligation as a minority-owned business that uses a collective model as its business model to support causes that uplift and transform Hispanic & Latinx communities of the U.S. We also believe in supporting communities of color and supporting the efforts of the dominant majority wherever it leans in to help these communities rise above their circumstances.


We serve many independent reputable social foundations & social institutions. We donate a percentage of our profits to a handful of foundations that seek to make this a better world. Through the efforts of these foundations and institutions, we will fight to create a more equitable world. Together, with our partners, we are fighting the many social injustices facing disenfranchised groups & communities in America today. Our causes are well articulated to elevate other disadvantaged communities and encompass the many social ills that the U.S. faces today.

We support the following institutions & foundations:

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